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Teaching Philosophy

As we enter a new chapter here at Franklin Bridge we are excited to announce Scott Hassee as our Director of Player Development. Scott comes to us from Birmingham, Alabama, where he served as the Lead Instructor of the Hank Johnson School of Golf for the last 10 years. Scott was named the 2019 Alabama Chapter Teacher of the Year and a GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional for 2019. He also recently published a book in September of 2019 titled, “The Champions Playbook - Thinking Your Way to Lower Scores.”  This book is exclusively focused on improving your scores through course management and gives tangible ways to apply the principles covered within.  You can even follow his podcast, “The Champions Playbook” on iTunes with over 70 episodes published thus far. Over the next several weeks we will be announcing a wide array of golf performance and improvement programs for every segment of the golfing community here at The Bridge.

scott hassee

The 7 Principles of Instruction

Principle #1

There’s One Rule, Shoot a Lower Score

Why else would you take a lesson? It’s there to have a little more fun.

Principle #2

How Does the Ball Know That?

Do you care what you took like? Because the ball doesn’t...

Principle #3

You don’t have to get worse before you get better... You just have to get uncomfortable.

Don’t Believe me... It’s time to debunk this myth.

Principle #4

Get them on the course early and often

Struggle talking your game to the course? You’re not alone.

Principle #5

Teach Them as an Athlete First

Afraid of having a long list of things to do? I am too. You are first an athlete, it’s time you learn like one.

Principle #6

Must have a way to monitor your practice

Are you getting better or worse? You better be certain of the road you’re traveling on...

Principle #7

Improve the whole person to maximize performance

Wouldn’t you want to be happier and healthier? Your golf and I certainly hope so!

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Franklin, TN 37064